Sunday, January 2, 2011

Elder Reeder Greetings from CHILE!

To everyone I havent seen or written. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The other day was great talking to everyone on the phone! I dont have a whole lot to say right now i guess?? Hahaha well things are going really good. This week has been pretty hectic with christmas and everything. We had a white elephant party and Elder Galovich and I brought our presents and one of them was a sheep head and legs fresh from the meat place. Hahahaha oh wow. It was good. Our zone leader went out of control hahahaha cause he got it and he is this big muscly guy and he totally turned into a girl like oh my gosh what is that its a health violation get it away from me!!!!! Oh my heck ya soooo funny!

Ashley i got your letter and yes i will write you! i usually have some time on pdays to write somebody.. sometimes they are pretty boring if i dont occupy my time but then others i have like none. it just so happens today that i have time!

Thanks everyone for the quotes and stuff!!! I REALLY LIKE THEM!!! AUNTS UNCLES BIShops AND FRIENDS GRANDMA GRANDPA. Yes everyone, you know who you are!

Bishop bennion i will send you a letter thanks for everything you really helped me get here! I will send it to my mom and shell deliver it to you if i cant find your address.

Well anyways this week like i said has been hectic. we werent aloud to go outside a ton on christmas eve and day because of drunks and it really dangerous here so we had to make up for our contacts during the week. we contact 20 people a day everyday normally but we had to do 40 for 2 days. so yes it has been kind of stressful :p but everyone needs to hear the gospel. but you all back home can at least talk to one person about the gospel every day.... just 1! everyday! MAKE IT HAPPEN! maybe you will get rejected or something but it doesnt matter, they just dont know what they want cause they dont know what it is. you get me?

this week i have rekindled my love for the book of mormon. i have had love affair for the new testament lately (reading mostly) but now im back in the habit of mucho of the book of mormon and a little of new testament. but ACTS IS SOOOOO COOL. Peter is one my favorites. He is real. LIke he was really not smart, or talented, just a normal guy, and jesus took him and made him great. And now he does a lot of miracles and great things.

Like i like all of the book of mormon people, but in comparison i really like peter cause he is more human i feel haha. Like Nephi was soooo strong and obedient to start. And Moroni etc... But I really like all the book of mormon people too! Alma the younger, sons of mosiah. But lately Peter has just stood out more to me because him and the apostles are like little kids to start and become strong. More like me i would say.

Anyways... i dont have much to say this week! When i get to my new sector, if i go, i will keep you more updated on investigators. Thats my goal. Right now i am just swamped, where as starting anew will be easier to recount and keep track of things and whatnot. You know?!

Shauna i love the photos of you in your dress and what not!!! I miss my blue tie hahaha!!!! Mom im wondering if your gonna send me some type of dvdmusic player portable thing?? im really excited to hear from everyone on that tape!!! maybe you could go with scott and james to some of my other college friends on an expedition for messages!!! they know people i know i think. like i dont know....Scott does i would think! Greg and the crew. Tyler tolson. Erins friends upstairs.... im not sure. THANK YOU!!!

i guess to leave you all with something this week would be read the conference talks! i really like the pride one i am trying to work on that cause that is problem #1 for every missionary. same goes for everyone in the church. dont be prideful. be like jesus. think the best of everyone. everyone in the chruch is like a part of a body and everyone serves their purpose like in the new test. same with the mission field. doesnt matter if i am a big leader or a worker who works a lot everyone serves there purpose.

be more grateful for the things you have. where you live. you cant begin to understand how blessed you are where you live. you really just have to come here. be grateful. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS WHEN YOU FEEL BAD FOR YOURSELF!

oh and mom if you could send me my talk thing i gave on prayer a while back thatd be cool. its on the comp somewhere i believe. but i am trying to make my prayers better. "too often its like a telephone call, we dial place our order and hang up" something like that. but i encourage you all to take more time in your prayer. slow things down. take a moment to talk to your father, talk with him, not the same things every time, converse, feel, think, he is there and he listens. If you put thought into your prayers, talk and feel, and talk more i promise more prayers answered and a closer relationship with him. make it real. get to know him. ask him questions. talk to him about everything. you should tell him all of your little secrets that you would put in your diary or journal even before you put them in there! dont be shy cause he knows. but you have to ask. i have a hard time wording this hahaha. But really take more time, dont rush your prayers. Be grateful, be sorry, then ask. Just talk to him. Read a Childs Prayer Lyrics. They are my favorite i love that song.

Yes, So i believe that is all this week.

Thank you for the quotes and stuff! I aprecciate the support!!


Elder Reeder

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