Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Revelation of Elder Reeder ABOUT CHURCH!!!!

Yes, I thought that subject would get your attention!

Ok but wow that duplicate ¨Colin¨ kind of freaked me out when i saw it. Hahaha I´m not gonna lie it looks kind of real! Really freaky... I may have to come home or something... YOU CANT REPLACE ME!!!!!!!!!!!! But its ok... I dont stand like that all hunched over and creepy and pale like. I have good posture! Eastern swag lax style! And the majority of people reading this do not understand that hahahaha.... yes.

Well i´m not going to lie i was very happy to see Scott y James sweet faces hahaha. That was really weird to see scotts nixon wathc for the first time in a long time hahaaha and james you died your hair!!! or this photo is just whack haha.

Ummm i still can´t get over that photo hahaha wow. I can just imagine walking around the corner and WHAM!!!! Elder REEDER IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA. Yes. With a santa claus hat hahaha wow. Well i dont have toooo much time. I am going to trick with rueben in like 15 minutes... well hopefully they are actually there haha last time they were´nt being there but it will be good.

I am sooooo excited for christmast!!!! Ok so here is the plan. you have the number from the last email??? so you will call me in here at 12 oclock there. Like the 12 oclock i used to wake up at 12. here it will be... well actually im not sure what the time is... either 3 or 4 hours from here to there. so either do it at 11 or 12 whatever ends up equaling 3 here. this will all happen on christmas day.... so after presents or around the time you all wake up hahahaha. but MAKE SURE YOU GET THE TIME RIGHT!!!!!! 3 oclock in chile. 11 or 12 in the states im not sure! check the time change!!!

hahaha kelli i cant believe you got in a wreck!!! (just kidding i can!) but i hope your ok! it does not mean you are a bad driver. just do better next time ;).

dad mom i love the emails. i dont have much time to respond but i do love them!!

so much to say wow!!!

ok so we should have a baptism this week i am not sure if it will happen though cause they have to be married before sunday. hahaha but that would be the ultimate christmas present! her name is marlen and her boyfriend is a member rodolfo. they are awesome! also we have another investigator who is GOLDEN wow hahaha. she is a friend of our housekeepers daughter. named Conni. she is really really good. there are a lot of people with dates, but we gotta get them to church!!!
speaking of church. So we had our last zone meeting with Pres. Lovell about church. How to get people to church. The importance. It was really good. So his commitment was for us to apply these things to our teaching etc. apply it. Be wise. So i´ve been studying, pondering, praying, A LOT about church. For like 2 or 3 days it was all pretty shallow. Just a bunch of knowledge. Not so much understanding. I wanted a stronger testimony of church, a deeper root, so i when i teach people it is actually powerful.

While sitting in church listening to the talk of Hermano Pallan it just hit me. He was giving a talk on the atonement. And wow i had the most profound realization, i just got thinking and thinking and here is what i wrote in my journal. The SACRAMENT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!

¨we need to think of jesus christ everyday, not just christmas. In everything we do. He suffered the pains and sins of everyone. If I dont find people, sheep, to bring back to the fold, to partake of his atonement, his sacrifice, then he suffered for nothing. And i cant allow that to happen. That should be what drives me in th work. I am the servant of "certain man". Like the in the parable of the dinner. Everyone needs to know, everyone must partake of his sùpper, his sons atonement. This is apart of my purpose. Invite people to come to Christ. To partake of his atonement THROUGH baptism. WE are very blessed to taste of the sweetness of Jesus Christs atonement every week. To receive the spirit for every week."

ok this next thing will be really really hard to explain.

The sacrament is very very very important. We should live from sacrament to sacrament. Week for week. That week, until the next sacrament is OUR LIFE. Every week we strive to learn from the week before to have less sins to be better and be a better person. We try to fix our mistakes and not do them again. But wow i cant explain this. Every Sunday, we are all perfectly clean after we take the sacrament. We are all the same. So with that in mind, what will be the difference between one member receiving the celestial kingdom and the other receiving the terrestial. Think about it. Ponder about it. What happens in between the Sundays. The week. The little things are what make the difference. All in one week. Little little little things is the difference between the celestial kingdom and terrestial. What happened in one day may be the difference. Goodness this is really hard to explain.

I´ll use an example.

So if you only get the shower on Sunday every week. So you shower on sunday, then you have to go through all week without showering. You can give yourself little spongebaths at the end of the days to try get cleaner but there is no way that you can clean yourself completely. So the difference between entering into the super clean white house and not are little things that make you dirty. Little things. Little little things. Within the span of one week. Your shower is the sacrament. Your are clean. Spongebaths are repentance. But we have to keep ourselves clean. Little things like arguing, being mad, not being charitable, the things we could have done are the difference. EVERY WEEK IS OUR LAST WEEK. SUNDAY IS WHEN WE ARE JUDGED, WE HAVE TO PREPARE FOR THAT.

But the lord will just come randomly, any day. You have 7 days like abillion times. But within one set of 7 days, you will be judged mostly. I have no idea how to explain this. But if you do not go to church. Then you dont shower. Then you are really really dirty. That is bad. You will not be ready. You will not have the spirit to guide you to stay clean and be happy.

We learn, we improve, we become more Christ LIke and more ready for heaven.

Learn from you mistakes every week, strive to be better the next one. It is your second chance it may be your last.

Matt 6:34, 3 Nefi 13:34. Dont worry about tomorrow. Sufficient is the evil today.


Elder Reeder :)

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