Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 14, 2010

Ok this letter is for everyone to say what is going on.

Where to start..... Ok i'm getting a haircut today i will send photos. i'm really sick right now it stinks but whatever the lord probably wants to answer my prayers in some crazy way like humble me so i can learn more... so i'm fine with that. it is hard but the atonement was hard and i am a disciple of christ so why should it be easy for me? exactly. i'm turning into a planning freak. okay not freak... but i get the greatest pleasure checking off goals and setting and completing and executing. i probably sound crazy. well ya planning takes stress away. i started the bom again on friday. i'm at the end of 2 nephi already due to hours upon hours of study time. it is so awesome. it is true. i LOVE IT! READ IT!!!!!!!!!! Erin that is way cool your going to do ldv. i'm so happy. i'm looking forward to packages and stuff!

i'd like to say some things from my journal about the atonement. the enabling power of the atonement give the righteous the abilitiy to be god like in certain moments of their lives. aka miracles. to do things normal mortals couldn't. like receive extra strength, or anythign wrought from prayer. whether it be preparing to sing or play piano. ANYTHING! any miracles. christ will help us through our struggles. he has felt our frusturations in life and he will give us strenght accordingly. ex. me learning spanish. the more i struggle and work to learn he feels that and he helps me through it by giving me the gift of tongues. he feels our frusturations in the moment and helps us.

i can't wait to get to chile. when i think about someone somewhere struggling thorugh life, looking for meaning i just makes me tense up and my stomach sick and makes me shake and get ansty. i can't stand it. and i won't let me not preparing in the mtc be the cause of me failing to speak to someone or failing to know a scripture etc... or having the spirit. i just can't. i won't. i'm setting the bar at the sons of mosiah and alma. thats what i want to be. i'm willing to sacrifice everything for that. even if its just one person i need to help someone through their life. and see the change. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. a man will draw nearer to go by reading it says jospeh smith than with any other book.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Reeder

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