Tuesday, September 21, 2010

come esta po?!‏


well honestly i don't know what to write today.... umm. hmm. well crazy things are happening. 1. i learned how to roll my tongues two days ago, i haven't been able to do that my whole life... so that is nuts. but i still can't do it with sound yet and sound normal. it is interesting but i am learning. 2. my spanish is getting awesome. como muy excelente es maravilloso. como santa baca es loco!!!!! pero si es muy bueno a ora. estoy muy feliz sobre eso. pero..... ya its nuts. 3. i've been praying about rolling my tongue and the gift of tongues AND being able to memorize words just recently. yesterday i memorized 50 words. and i remember all of them. NOw thAT is NUTS!!!!!!!!!

the other day i played piano for all of sacrament. i had to play some weird goofy spansish songs that had a really weird rhythm. but i prayed and during prelude music i played sight read like 20 songs no joke almost perfect. so ya. that was pretty sweet. PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!! no matter how silly whatever you are praying about is.

SPEAKING OF MUSIC I GOT SELECTED TO BE IN THE PRIESTHOOD SESSION CHOIR!!!!!! DAD LOOK FOR ME ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! we practice a bunch. during class too but i guess choir comes first in priority so that is cool.

umm i've been doing some tricking since i've been here. its fun. elders go nuts its funny. they're like do a backflip and i do a gainer flash or a cork and they go crazy. its fun.

and a sad story. elder williamson has a really loud voice. you know like when someone just talks loud??? well all the elders were like commenting on how this new hermana was cute and i was like ya she is pretty cute you know no big deal shes cute. BUT elder williamson is really loud and everytime he sees her hes jokes "Hey look its reeders girl' not thinking she can hear. but like 70% of the time i'm positive she is within hearing range and i guarantee its freaking her out hahahaha.... sooooo ya awkward situation and i have like nothing to do with it. haha ya i feel bad and like a creeper because of that and i don't really know what to do.... so ya theres my awkward moment. i feel really bad. like he is sooooo loud when he talks. ummm ya so advice would be good.

i started the book of mormon last friday. i'm in the middle of mosiah now. it is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!! i can't think of anything more for now sooooooo i'm going to get off. i still have 15 minutes though. so write me back real soon today and i can reply.


elder reeder

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