Monday, July 9, 2012

Elder Reeder - Well we´re here aren´t we?

July 2, 2012

Hello family!
This past week was spectacular. We taught a lot. We found a lot of new investigators. We have another baptism this week!! THhe mom of the invesitgator who was baptized the other week! And we have a few others going to church that are awesome and have dates to get baptized..... SOOOO AWESOOMMMEE!!!! All is well. i went and got an echo for my problem... nothing wrong or serious. it looks like its the veins... he said to go see an urologist. the pills sort of helped with the swelling. i had to use personal money and im getting remibursed.

My companion and i are working out a lot. i made a plan, and a health plan. I am eating really healthy hahahha and i am getting in really good shape. so it is pretty cool. i am happy. i feel like i have learned to get whatever i want in life since i have been in the mission. goals+plans+faith=THE WORLD. this is interesting, the word "poder" in spanish has to meanings. 1. the verb, to can, or to be able to. 2. the noun, power. a really coincidence. creer es poder, y poder es poder. to believe is to can. and can is power. its my little saying haha. spanish/english comparing, language studying is awesome.

this week i had a sweeeeeet study. i will walk you through it. i was pondering on jacob 4:8-10. what is the greatest miracle ever? which is the greater miracle? the fact that jesus walked on water, or the fact that the water exists. the fact that noah built an ark, or the fact that there is a giant flood in the first place. the bigger is miracle is that these things exist in the first place. and if god CREATED these things, then what is keeping him from commanding them at his will?? nothing.

another thing. an elder from the zone had an investigator that had a question. i have thought about it. how could noah build an ark if nails exist back then? and other questions similar. my question is, if you were god in that situation/position what would you do??? brainstorm it.

if god didnt create everything, then who or what did? how do we exist? you findit easier to believe that an atom exploded, created itselft, and boom we all existed? which is harder to believe? that, or the fact that a supreme being organized and created this earth with a purpose and a plan... they are both pretty unbelievable... but here we are, we exist. i dont think we created our selves, nor the world.

what evidence is there that god doesnt exist? what do you get out of that? what does that mean for you? what are the results/consequences of that belief?

what evidence is there that god exists? what do you get out of that? what does that mean for you? the results? the consequences?

All theories are pretty unbelieveable, yet here we are, we exist. Why cant we learn more? Why is there no answer? because according to the plan of salvation we will after the millenium and when christ comes. but he wont let us right now.

the answers to everything are found in the book of mormon. i exhort all to read it. it is the greatest evidence there is that god exists, that joseph smith was a prophet, and the rest goes with it. the coincidence of how perfectly the universe, solar system, plant life, and human life is organized and how its perfect order... i dont think its a coincidence. the answers i get to prayers. answers that others get. the coincidence that these come at the very moment of obedience to gods commandments. prophecies and promies fulfilled.....

now if this is all true.... the this is gods work, we are his sons and daughters. we are his servants in his work and we WILL see miracles and success. and it will never stop growing. we must follow the prophet and god and we will never go astray. it is a big responsibility we have to make know these things. to know them.

and it is all true if the book of mormon is the word of god. i think it would be worth it reading it more than once, and i think it would be important to invite others to do the same. it all seems kind of crazy, but here we are, we exist.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! thank you grandma and grandpa for the bday money!! happy birthday mother!!! i forgot how old you are?
felipe,  esa historia es super bakan!!! una vez pensé que yo tenía diabetes, iba al baño, siempre tomaba agua, y tenía mucha sed. despues de hacer todo lo que podía, pedí una bendición a mi compañero. fue increíble, mi cuerpo se llenó del espirtu por unos segundos, despues sentí mejor. fue poderoso. yo lloré. esto fue en futrono despues que me fuí de puerto montt. todo en ese sector estaba mal. no había mapa, había seniza, mi compañero era nuevo y podía hablar, y todo estaba mal, y esto fue lo ultimo que yo necestiaba. no quería pedirlo hasta que hiciera todo que podía. por fin lo hice, y fue WOW!!! mande saludos a mauricos tambien!! no me queda mas tiempo!!!

Con Amor,

Elder Reeder

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