Monday, July 9, 2012

Elder Reeder - Is 21!!

Jun 25, 2012

I am 21!!! I can totally drink now if i want to!!! BUT now i will NOT do so because i choose not to. Not by obligation of the law. I think i will get more blessings for doing so.
Things are going great here! I am deciding to write all of of my converts now. That means less time for you guys.... but i will organize it all well.

we had a baptism the week! its like a domino effect, now the whole family wants to get baptized!!! sooo cool!!!!! We found a new investigator this week, he accepted fecha and went to church. such a blessings. i often contemplate what wouldve happened if we didnt falling our impressions finding him and others... it is quite incredible how the lord prepares others. we arent finding many right now, but we are being very effecive in how we teach them. so i am psyched. everything is great!!! my companion is dying, it is fun to watch hahahaha no, we have to make sure we are dililigent and endure to the end. i love being a missionary. i love you all. i pray for dad, uncle steve, sherrie, and everyone.... asi que no se preocupe, todos estan protegidos por nuestro padre celestial. :)

Elder Reeder

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