Monday, July 9, 2012

Elder Reeder - Learning.

June 18, 2012

Hello Family!!!

This week was greeatttt!!!! Mother thank you for the cake and all the birthday goodies. I made it myself because i was afraid that mamita would put some crazy chilean style to it if i gave it to her, but i just want a good old american baked cake. So i made it. It was good. I couldnt wait, i wasnt eating the frosting, and i was afraid it would run out before my bday so i cooked and ate everything in a few days. THANK YOU!!! Thank you grammy and grandad for the letter and the money. I am grateful for the support and for all you do for me.

Wish dad luck on his treatments. I am praying for him, steve, and sherrie. Tell dad happy fathers day!!! I am feeling pretty good lately. I am definitely learning how to be a better leader. I am learning how to ask forgiveness. There is just not one specific way to treat everyone. An elder felt like i was being a little too overbearing because i was following up on some things, simply asking questions, but i guess he felt unconfortable, or he feels uncomfortable in general when i talk to him. Really crazy beacause i try to be really nice. But everyone is different. For example, scriptures really motivate me and get me pumped up, so i WOULD like to share scriptures with elders when they get down on themselves. But a lot of elders see that as a "palo" or a leader correcting an elder, then people get offended. It really bothers me that elders think like that. I was thinking a lot about how i can improve the way i say things so people dont feel bad.... in the end i didnt come to any solid conclusion. I feel like elders get offended for silly things. Not matter what i do, i am learning, i am no perfect, and i am probably going to step on a lot of peoples toes and offend a lot of people doing so. I cant please everyone and i have a duty to fulfill, you do too, lets do this together. I notice when i overthink things, they sometimes turn out worse, so i will just have faith and trust in what i say and elders and when i mess up i will say sorry. We are all learning.

We have a baptism this week!!! And her brother and mom have fecha!!! YEAHH!!!! I am excited! The zone is doing really well, except on baptisms. So we just need to change the focus a little bit. But all is well. I am having a good time, my companion is going to die soon, it pretty nuts, but i am having a good time with him. There is a lot of opportunity right now!

Elder Reeder!!!

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