Monday, June 11, 2012

Elder Reeder - ¡PROGRESO!

June 11, 2012
Hello Family!

This week was awesome! The zone is most definitely progressing and things are looking good. To answer questions, Elder Corbridge is the Seventy, the area president of chile. But since they are uniting the chile area and argetina into one big area he is being relieved. He is really cool. It was way awesome.

I think one of the biggest things that i am learning lately is about D&C 121. Controlling the powers of heaven hahaha. I dont even know how to explain it. I am learning the balance between FAITH, REVELATION,POWER + Governed by love and the principles of righteousness. How to explain this.... An example. During sacrament meeting i started think about the zone, i had questions ready and i was looking for some answers. Wel anyways, so i started getting ideas and impressions, and basically i wrote a whole bunch of things, simply put the zone needs to learn how to receive revelation etc.... So i wrote a whole buch of things based on how, why, when etc. to help the zone. Experiences. I wrote this all in sacraent meeting. When we got to priesthood, (without me knowing this beforehand), the topic was revelation. So cool.... hahaha.

Also, a stake guy was talking about church attendance and our visits, and i got thinking and came to a a conlusion and asked all the class "How do we know if our visits are effective?", which had nothing to do what he was talking about, and he said "that is what i am getting to, just a few moments" he ended up having to leave it for the next class. But revelation is so awesome! It is real!!  I see evidence and power of the gospel manifested every day and i dont think these are just a bunch of crazy coincidences. Getting revelation is like lifting weights. You get stronger and faster. You get better at findng answers quicker. The 1st time it is slow, and with experience one is able to find answers faster. Mind+Holy Ghost. Sometimes i get a headache (that when i know its a good talk) and i dont want to receive revelation. Or i dont think it will work. But yesterday once again strenghtned my testimony that it is real and that i should probably we willing to recive and follow it.

So with all of this power and revelation and really cool has to be really careful with them. It is really powerful. I feel like i have a wrecking ball in my hands and i have to be careful and not just through it around, because if i am not careful it can do a lot of damage. I remember the other day i was invited to talk about one topic for 5min., something i think the zone needed, so i talked about it and made some points, and a lot of elders started tearing up and start crying. So i made sure they were ok and that we were good afterwards. But wow, it is amazing. I dont think leaders notice the power and authority they have, and what effects it can have when it is used the wrong/right way. It has a really big influence. So i guess i am learning to "govern" that. It is really cool. It has been a really edifying experience.

My comps name is clay frost. He is from orem. He say she thinks he knows the wolstenhuums. He is dead this cambio, i am killing him. This is his last cambio, then i am going to die here. Really depressing. But we try not to think about it and work hard. That awesome news for corbin and david. No matter where you serve, you shouldnt serve anywhere else. I know that i came here to chile for a reason. Wherever you get your call to it because they need YOU THERE. Your personality. And that mission is exactly for you. I remember elders joking about others going stateside etc... forgive for my strong language, but obviously do not understand the gospel, nor revelation, and are idiots and need to grow up. Sorry about that, it just really bothers me. Be happy with your call. It will change your life if you have the right attitude.



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