Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elder Reeder - President Corbridge en la gran misión chile osorno!!!!

June 5, 2012

Hello Family y amigos!

This week has been nuts. We just had cambios in the mission, and the zone got a facelift. Its pretty exciting to see what ground we are going to make now. My new companion is Elder FROST!!!! hahaha yep we are together. FYI Elder frost was in pichipelluco right after me hahaha. He is from Orem, Utah, and wrestled for UVU. He is awesome, we are getting along great.

President Corbridge came to the mission and we had a zone conference. It was crazy, everything seemed kind of hectic, but in the end everything went extremely smooth. There was a special number we prepared for like 5 min. before and it worked out great!! It was a great spirtual experience. He talked about how without being aware we are all affected by our environment, and it changes how we think, thus changing who we become, losing control of who we become, how we act etc. But with the scriptures Alma 31:5, treasuring them up every day, we can prevent this, and fill our minds with the words of life which will influence us more than anything and have great effect. It was sweet. You cannot even imagine. He talked about how there was a study of two groups, and basically one group read words like "old" "greasy" etc. and that group did everything slower subconsicously.... Wow!!! Everything affects us in our environment, but the word of god protects us and gives us the power we need to change our lives and become who we want to be, and most important, who heavenly father wants us to be. He talked about a lot of other cool things as well!!!!

I love you all, thanks for the news. I am going to be writing my converts now too in the email, i should have been doing this a while ago, so that means i have less time for you guys! But when i get home we will talk about eveything. Thanks a lot coach atwood for the email. I am super excited to talk to you when i get done hahaha, i think i am a lot smarter now. Jared, that i so awesome that jenina got baptized. Elder Basset told me yesterday!!! YEAH!!!! I am praying for you Dad always, the atonement will heal you quickly.


Elder Reeder

Para Mauricio y Felipe

Amigos, por favor perdonenme por no haberles escrito. Soy super malo para cartas, bueno escribí unas pero estoy buscando sobres. Soy un gil, lo sé. Sin embargo, se me ocurrió la idea de escribirles en mis emails. No se porque no lo pensé antes. Amigos, Elder Frost me contó lo que ha pasado con ustedes ultimamente y es tan genial. Ustedes son increíbles de verdad. Me hace tan feliz. Por ustedes dos la misión valió la pena. Me ecanta la misión obviamente, pero ustedes son tan especiales. Estan bautizando a otras personas y ayudandolas a seguir al salvador. Uno como misionero a veces siente que por más que se esfuerza no tiene mucho efecto en las vidas de los demás, pero ahora ni puedo imaginar los efectos. Es muy genial. Estaré escribiendoles todas las semanas de aquí en adelante. Lo siento otra vez, siempre pienso en ustedes y siempre estan en mis oraciónes. Felicitaciones por todo!!!! Manden saludos a Pablo, vanessa, Conni, Yenni, la flia olguin y a todos!!! LES QUIERO!!!
 - Elder Reeder

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