Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Reeder - "The commandment is to love..."

Colin Reeder

May 28, 2012
¡Hola Familia! Como estaí!!!!

Esta semana ha sido increíble. This week has been incredible. We had intercambios with the asistants. What i noticed was that they are not incredible teachers or anything special. They are just like us. What i did notice, the big difference is that they have sooooooo much love for the people. That is what really stuck out to me and left a big impression on me. We just talked to our investigators, about life, about work, things they like to do, and their problems. It was amazing, they all opened up. It really impacted me. I love people, but i never show it, therefore i dont love. I dont know why, i always overcomplicate things. But elder gomez (the assitant) told me, stop thinking about loving and do it. Stop finding reasons to not do it and do it. I am beginning to change everything, how i teach, how i talk to people, everything. I just repeat in my head "the commandment is to love" "the commandment is to love". So that is what i am doing. I feel like there has been a glass wall keeping me from doing it but i broke it!!!! Elder gomez told me that the happiness and great experiences you have from doing so highly outways the moments when people abuse the confidence. It made sense. So that is what i am doing. Elder urrutia and i are getting along great. Really good. With our new investigators we are more concernced about talking with them and gaining their trust and we are begining to get 2nd visits with all of them. Because we have their trust, we love them, and we are their friends. One who didnt go to church apologized to us for not going because their is trust. That has never happened to me in the mission! It was really sincere like a "sorry i couldnt make it" your friend could say. I see now that we are finding news and holding on to them, and we have a really big growing source of investigators who are going to go to church and get baptized. I feel like this took my whole mission to learn. I feel we are teaching more by the spirit, and i feel like i am following the savior. I feel a sincere concern for the well being of every contacts. I am not so worried about time, but helping people. I feel really happy. I just need to talk to people and love them, then the gospel is the next natural thing that flows out of my mouth. I am really grateful for this cambio with elder urrutia. I think i learned something that is really going to change my life. The balance between being loving and being firm/faithful.

That is super crazy about Elder Rickenbauch running into Lauren. I would have a panic attack or be really surprised. How is he doing? How is everyone doing? I need to be filled in. I hope sherrie, uncle steve, and dad get better soon. I am praying for them. I have been thinking about it a lot, and weighing this out in my head about school..... the pros and cons..... and........ i am thinking i want to go to school at BYU. You will all probably destroy me, but i am very sure and convinced i want to go there. The pros outway the cons. I am thinking of going to utah state for a semester and then transfering, (because i dont want to go him and leave my family in 2 days..). So tell me what you think, but there are a lot of pros. A LOT!!!

The other day we were working in a storm at night. Everything was flooding basically, super windy, and rainy like nuts. We were with a member. Nobody was in the street!!! But we just kept on working. And i just felt soooo happy. I was soaking wet, and everyone was telling us that we are crazy, but i know that there are people who look out their windows into the night, and see three dark figures in black with name tags walking with determination, drenched in rain, inviting others to come to christ, i know when people see us it gives them hope. As long as there are missionaries in the world there will always be hope. Until our very lord jesus christ comes to reign.


Elder Reeder

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