Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Reeder - Still in chile!! Yeah!

 May 21, 2012

Hello Family!

Hey Jared, thanks for the email. ¡Me hizo feliz! Por su puesto mandaré saludos a los élders si los veo jajaja. Tiene que contarme como es la vida cotidiana y saliendo con mujeres. Do you feel weird? I have 2 cambios left.  I am a little freaked out. I am super psyched you sent me an email. If you could find out how everyone else is let me know?!!


Elder Reeder,

Ok for the family. That is crazy news about sherrie! A lot of people are having medical challenges! I will most definitely pray and remember her when i fast. Wow. Good news about Dad. I hope he is all healed for when i get home. Wish daniel luck! DA MISIÓN IZ DA BEEEST!!! Hahaha! YEEEESSS!!! THe zone is improving, the young elders have the vision! We are finding new people finally and they are accepting baptismal dates etc. THey are awesome. They are such great people in the world. It is increíble compadre! Dont every despair. I love the quote of joseph smith when he is talking to a guy who is sad. He tells him that he should never give up, even if the mountains fell on top of him and everything, he would never give up. I memorize the standard of true that other day in spanish. Its sweet. " el estandarte de la verdad se ha izado; ninguna mano impía puede detener el progreso de la obra; las persecuciones encarnizarse, los ejércitos podrán juntarse y la calumnia podrá difama; MÁS LA VERDAD DE DIOS SEGUIRÁ VALEROSA, NOBLE E INDEPENDIENTEMENTE HASTA QUE HAYA PENETRADO EN TODO CONTINENTE, VISITADO TODO CLIMA, ABARCADO TODO PAÍS y RESONADO EN TODO OÍDO, HASTA QUE SE CUMPLAN LOS PROOPÓSITOS DE DIOS Y EL GRAN JEHOVÁ DIGA QUE LA OBRA ESTÁ CONCLUIDA." -Joseph Smith, March 1842. I love caps lock. You can translate that if would like.

I would just love to shout to all of you to be happy and bear your burdens with faith and courage. The book of mormon is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and every obstacle that is put in our path, we can and will overcome. Our potential is divine, let us acheive it! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Hna skinner if you see this thanks for the email!! I will write you a card. hahaha

Elder Reeder

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