Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Reeder Learning New Things

March 31, 2012
Hello Family!
Today is conference and we have to be there in 30min! So i will be quick!
Before i forget anything. Good news about the scriptures, i will buy them, but i need to decide if i want a spanish case, spanish scriptures are a different size, or an english case. Also, if i choose english, do i pick the quad or separated? I know dad has them separated, there is probably a good reason why... but as of i know i am thinking the quad. Hope i dont mess up!
My toothbrush is breaking/broken. The core of the bottom part is slowly coming out. It is unhinged or something? Anyways when it is on it vibrates and collides against the other inside parts of the brush and makes a really loud noise, thus all the vibrations go to the handle instead of the part that brushes my teeth.... So what should i do? Is there some sort of warranty? Or do i need a new one.... I feel really bad this is happening now... i feel like a lot of little problems have happened lately. So that would be good to know.
This week has been great! Last week we taught 8 lessons with member, the whole week. This week we had 9 by wednesday. So we repented, and blessings came really quickly. Pretty sweet. I feel good. I am learning to trust in my companion more, or people in general. To expect the best of their intentions. To think positive and that their intentions are good, because i a lot of times i dont. I have been catching myself lately. For example, the other day i was talking to the zone leaders, and they told me that the teenagers that leave with us want to to teach more, not just give their testimony. So we should let them.... Well how i responded, was that we had already tried to get them to do so and they didnt want to. Justifying myself. But what i failed to see, was that they just want to help us, and to help us be successful. So i sort of took it the wrong way. When i was in puerto montt, i expected the best of people, especially my leaders. Now i am doing that again, i feel a lot happier. I am trying to have more charity and expect the best of others.
I am learning that everyone is different. Everyone gets a fresh opportunity to have my trust, clean slate. I cant determine what one person will do based off of another. I am learning this... It is still really hard, because sometimes i throw my trust out there and they totally destroy it. Or sometimes i am defensive, justly, but to others, they feel like the bad guy when i act like that. So i guess that could sum up what i am learning!!
I need to write, Elina, Scott, James, Mauricio, Pablo and Vanessa, Brian, Casey, and the scripture case lady. Hold me to it! A lot of times we do things as a zone on pdays, and in the end there is no time. I could make time, but PEER PRESSURE to do other thingshahaha!!! Haha no, i will get it done today. The package came! yeah! this week we have put 4 people with fecha! YEAH!!!
Ps. Dad i am reading... let us believe christ, or something like that is the book. could you explain to me what is the difference between grace and mercy??? this book makes getting to the celestial kingdom seem easy. but it frustruates me because i dont really understand grace, justification by the law, justification by faith, and that category.... but mostly the what is grace, how it is interpreted, especially with moroni 10 34, 35 36 etc... That topic in general. Thanks!!!
Elder Reeder

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