Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Reeder - Fastest week ever...

March 24, 2012

Hello Family!

This week has been great! I am learning a lot! Always learning! These past few pdays i have worn my jacket during the day, but it always ends up getting hot and i die of heat. But today i decided to wear a tshirt and flip flops. Well turns out that it was really cold today..... So i am learning.... Haha!

This week has been a little tough. I feel like everyone in the sector is becoming a lot less receptive, and my companion is becoming less responsible. A good thing, because we both thought, oh, he will get it done, but in the end it doesnt get done. I recognized this, so im getting it done. I talked to him about it, he agrees. SO NOW WE ARE BOTH GOING TO WORK CRAZY HARD AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!!! YEAH!!!! 

The highlight of the week is that a family of 4 is going to church this week! They are awesome!. We plan to pass by today and put them with fecha before they go, so they go with the right vision. Baptism. I am continually learning how to be more loving. The other day i was talking to a lady who got baptized who turned adventist. For 5min i tried to be nice and promise lots of blessings etc... but she just wasnt understanding.... so i was really clear. I asked, if you live the mosaic law, then why dont you stone people who dont go to church? or sacrificies? and a whole bunch of other stuff. She got offended and angry, and no result. She also told me i should be nicer. I thought i was really nice and loving, but she got really angry at me. So i am always learning how i can be nicer and more loving, even when i feel i am doing so. Blessings>destroying people and their religions. I know this, but it is hard to not just spit it all out in their face. GOSPEL!!!! Hahaha....

I am learning a lot about leadership. Yesterday we had a leaders meeting. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! A lot of questions i had were cleared up about meetings and what i can do. So now i am going to be way more creative and go crazy with the meetings. For Example. Worst case scenario: You are in the forest, and are teaching a guy with no legs. How are you going to get him to church??? A member with his car. Gets them thinking, leads to..... WORKING WITH MEMBERS! Hahah silly things like that, the office elders are like batteries and they need recharge hahaha!!! They need to think. Be responsable. Solve their problems. Get thigns down. I am going to make commitments we can measure that will develop whatever it is they need. Awesome. I cant explain it all. New skills.

I love you all! Thank you scott and ashley for writing! Elina, i am finishing your letter and sending it today! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! 

Quesion... can i buy leather scripture cases? i am going to stay with manual for now.... future reference: for my birthday i think a laptop would be really nice for school. internet=knowledge=the WORLD!!! and i can get all my assignments done on campus really easily.... or lasik. i dont know.


Elder Reeder

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