Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Reeder - New Companion!

March 10, 2012

Hello Family!

So the results of the cambios! Elder Mercado ending up leaving to Frutillar, and my new companion is ELDER JUAREZ! YEAH!! He is an Elder that was in my zone in punta arenas, and he is a machine (igual que yo), and we are working awesome together. It is really nice. We plan fast, we teach fast, we teach effectively... everything good! He thinks a lot like i do already because he has a year of experience and is super capo. Awesome. We are going to rock. It is really nice because in comp studies he shares everything he got out of it, not everything he studied. It is a big relief. But i cant relax, that usually happens when both are working hard, one slacks off.

So i am really excited about that. Cool experience, there is less active member, she has 2 kids who arent baptized and a husband. We can never get him to come down and share with us! So, brought a video "only a stonecutter". We got to the house and he got there the same time as us (coincidence?) and we asked if he wanted to share. He said no, no, and no. Then he asked if he could help us set up the dvd and stuff so we could watch the video. Haha while he was setting it up we told him, "este video se trata de un hombre que nunca se rinde a pesar de los desafĂ­os en su vida". Sorry, that just sounds better in spanish. We told him this video is about a man who never gives in/gives up/gets beat down regardless of his challenges in life. He liked how it sounded so he decided to watch it. He got absorbed, after the movie we HAD HIM!!! HAHAAH!!! And we taught him and he really liked it. It was awesome. The whole time i was thinking "oh my goodness, this man is listening, i cant screw this up". It was really good. We have a return appointment with them.

There is another Elder here from logan, i forgot his name. But he is here. Pretty cool. i met him in the bus terminal. I saw a lot of elders because i had to hang out with the zone leaders until 5pm waiting for my comp. It was sweet.

That is really cool about matthew, i am not sure if i understood what he is doing, but it sounds really cool and helpful! Thats sweet! You will have to explain more, or tell him to explain it to me, sounds awesome!

I am not too stressed about mckenna anymore... it is kind of hard to accept it. it seems really surreal, but i just need to move on. i notice that i always fall in love with girls, and when i fall deeply in love. like with... an example... shawn johnson the gymnast, or... i cant think of anything else. VISTE i have already forgetten! i just need a replacement, but it is hard to imagine, but i shouldnt worry about that anyway... sooooooo yes.

oh hey could you find out why addy is coming home early? that boy needs faith! I want more details. That is really interesting.


Elder Reeder

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