Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Reeder - Cambios!

April 14, 2012

Hello Family!

This week has been excellent. Better than the last, and the district is kicking butt!! If were lucky we might meet the standard. So i am  pretty excited, they are pretty excited too. The last meeting (last tuesday) i picked a topic, and then assigned everyone something to talk about (Faith, Diligence, Planning etc.) and i just sort of coordinated everything and guided it towards what i wanted them to understand. Revelation is really amazing. Everything that everybody talked about was going in the same direction of what i was thinking. It was really cool and really spiritual. A good balance between just straight up teaching them and leading them, and brain storms (we have a brainstorm of what to improve and how.)

Last week we had 9 people in church. A few of them have fechas for baptism. We have 8 commited for tomorrow. We are getting some big blessing. It is amazing. I have learned that the progress you can make in a sector is like a snowball rolling down a hill. I feel like the power we work with auments "grace by grace", and what begins as nothing multiplies into a lot. Everything is working out.

My companion and I are getting along good. We just have to make sure there is communication between us. He tends to joke a lot, but he doesnt know when to stop, so it can be kind of conusing, and i then i get serious, and then he takes it as a a joke, and then i get mad and correct him. I am trying to trust him more, thats just how he is, but i dont like having a relationship of confusion, lies, or darkness. It just confuses me and gets me thinking things i shouldnt about what their intentions are. But i am working on that, sometimes i get defensive, but not so much anymore, but every once in a while. So i am learning a lot about myself.

I am hearing a lot about cambios, it looks like Elder Nelson from the MTC is going to be AP, and i may be going down south again. We dont know. But i heard Elder Himes talking to him about a plane flight tuesday... so it is kind of obvious. We will see!!!!

Elder Reeder

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