Monday, June 4, 2012

Reeder - STRESS!!!!

April 23, 2012
Hello family!

Well a lot of things are happening! Dad has blood cancer, and i am zone leader now. It is a little stressful. Ive got a lot on my plate right now. I am back in valdivia, in the zone calle calle (where i was before when i was in futrono) and we have to make the zone awesome!!! It is going to be a lot of work! I am still trying to get situated and filled in on everything, on what my resposibilities are, what i can and cant do, and then go crazy!!! I feel i have a weaker connection with the leaders compared to when i was district leader. It is hard to discern a need, i need information!!! But we are working on that.

The night you called about dad i was kind of worried. I didnt sleep good that night but now i am fine. My biggest concern is that he will die or something before i get home and that he wont be able to see how the gospel has changed my life, and how i have changed. So that was stressful, but i know whatever happens heavenly father has a plan, and it is for a reason, and it usually better one. So i am trying not to worry and be positive. Worst case scenario=The Spirit World!!! But then Dad could follow me around in the mission and support me, so that would be pretty cool. But i dont think that will happen!!! I am hoping everything will work out ok. I love you dad, i will pray and fast for you and the family. I will harvest blessings for the family that everything works out fine. OK? I am not sick of the mission, i feel i just learn more and work with more power. This is more motivation.

My comps name is Elder Urrutia. He is from santiago, Chile and has a year and 4 months in the mission??? We are getting along great, like i said, i am trying to figure out what we are going to do with the sector and the zone. It is like a game of tetris. Everything has to go right!!! But it is really fun at the same time. I have a lot of resposibility. I have a headache, revelation is crazy. I think i am a lot more smart now. Blessings! Yeah!!

Everyone be happy and read the scriptures! The gospel gives us an eternal perspective, apply that eternal perspective in life.


Elder Reeder

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