Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Reeder - Surprise!

March 3, 2012

Hello Family!

Things have been going great! My companion and I are destroying everything together with the members. I am reading Priesthood in Action, The Everlasting Life Vol.1, and The Great Apostasy in my free time. Also finishing jesus the christ. Things are going the great. The district is great. There is one elder who is having problems, we are having exchanges every week to keep an eye on him. We (the assistents and Zls and I) dont know how to help him. So i am learning a lot talking to him and encouraging him to work etc... I wont say anymore because i dont know if i can hahaha but that is what is happening.

My companion is becoming a great teacher now. Hahah the other day we were teaching Hermano AƱasco and we read so many scriptures with him and resolved all of his doubts in really short time. On monday we challenged 4 people and 4 accepted to be baptized. 2 are jehovahs witness. The BOM is the key to everything and it destroys all the false doctrine/ideas. It is awesome. We can put of people with baptismal dates, the hard part is getting them to look, get an answer, and go to church. But we are doing our part helping people to understand.

Cambios are wednesday, so i will let you all know what happens. My companion Elder Mercado lives next to machu pichu, he is going to major in tourism when he gets home. He is really cool. He doesnt always accept everything i say but i just let him learn and figure it out on his own, and something happens and he hits himself the face for not listening.... I just need to be patient. It is fun hahaha. I just laugh and dont worry about it. There is a happy balance between not using their ideas becuase they wont work, and doing them so they learn. If you do them all you will destroy the sector hahahaha!!!!! But things are great. Good Pday. We just need to get a baptism. Hno Rafael is awesome, he is going to his church this week to tell his pastor its false and he is sick of it and not going anymore. We tried to tell him it doesnt matter so he comes to our church, but he has to get married so he has a month or 2 anyways to attend.

The Book of Mormon is true. 1 John 5:10-11. If you already believe it is true, but you are looking for an "answer", stop looking, because you already have one. If you believe it is true it is because the holy ghost has already told you. Just like no man can say jesus is the christ but by the holy ghost. The answer comes like turning on a light, or the rising sun. When it comes slow, you wont notice, you will just know. I know it is true. I had to read it twice. It doesnt matter how many times you have to read it, because if is, and it is, then a lot is in balance!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thanks Elina for writing, i will write back and try writing everyone else!

Elder Reeder

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