Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Reeder - Faith=Miracles

Feb 25, 2012 Hello Family!! This week has been AMAZING!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! We have five people committed to church. My companion and I have a lot of unity and we are working hard!!!!! I am learning a lot as a district leader. It is incredible the things you learn helping missionaries and other people. Answers to all the questions they dont ask etc... I really enjoy learning. The Holy Ghost is amazing. Cool experience. The other day we were teaching an investiator named Rafael. This man is amazing! He is evangelical but he knows a lot. He is smart, he understands everything, yet he looks like a crazy old man. He is great! He already knew about the apostasy, he was telling us in the lesson that he knows all the church are false and are of men no mas. He told us that a pastor went up to him and asked him to be the pastor for a few churches. You know what he said? I dont have power or authority of god to do that. So no. HAHAHAHA!!! This is before we got there. So amazing!! He already has a BOM and he has been reading it and praying and asking god. In every lesson we kneel down with him and ask. We invited him to go to church and he said no because he has to go to his, but then i told him if he doesnt go he wont get an answer from god, because he wont be showing faith and doing his part. He eyes got really big and looked at his wife and said, thats is why we havent gotten our answer, we are going to church and we are going to get that answer we have been looking for. We asked if what it would mean if it was true and he told us that he would be baptized, he would get eternal life and he would be the happiest person in the world. In that lesson i felt so happy. It was amazing. I have only had 2 or 3 other experiences that were better than that in the mission. So awesome. Wow that is crazy how many people are leaving. Blake, Sy, Corbin etc... It really surprises me they are old enough! I wont see them for a while oh my goodness. I am going to look for an umbrella today, and maybe some chilean jerseys in the markets outside.... Things are going great. The districts is progressing, my companion is progressing, i feel that as a companionship we are growing grace by grace and EVERYTHING is working because we have the spirit. Soooo awesome. Mom, i decided on my classes but i left the paper at home..... I want to take USU Physical Science, and nutrition. What is horticulture? I also want a spanish minor so count me in on the test and classes if necesarry after. I would like to take more than 12 credits. Like 15 or 18. I want to be busy and get things done. I have a list at home. Please wait!!! Well just start doing everything and change it when i let you know!! I will show you... as far the career class... it is a possibility but i think i have things clear on what i want to do. So bussines. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Elder Reeder

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