Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elder Reeder - In Osorno!

Jan 28, 2012

Hello Family!

So today is Saturday.... turns out here in Osorno we have P-Days on saturdays, due to the mission of office. So from now on you can expect my emails on Saturdays.

There is not a whole bunch to say right now. The zone is awesome here. We go and play soccer in the mornings. It is pretty sweet. The secretary,historian, financiero, assistants etc. are here. It is really fun. The sector i am in is really awesome! A lot of Elders have died in the house i am in so it is a mess. It is terrible. I wont describe it. But a lot of things are broken, and dirty, and a lot of left over things from elders. Just like the Savior will do when he comes, the first thing we are doing is cleaning the house and getting rid of all the muck! We are going to organize before we create. Furthermore, the house is 30min walk away from the sector. Is really stressful being out teaching and having to run home, plan and doing everything fast. And i am district leader and i have to make a lot of phone calls... so i have a lot less free time.

My companion Elder Mercado is from Cuzco,Peru. He has 4 cambios in the mission. His past few companions have all died, so i guess i am helping him get used to doing things how they should be done. Things are going great. We are teaching a lot, this cambio i took advantage of the 1st impressions i get to make with the members and it is paying off big. Everyone here is getting really excited. I want to be really clear with the members that we are here to work, and things are going to change. Build there Faith etc.

I have the comisario and historian in my district along with the hermanas. So it is going to be fun. We are going to work REAL hard and get bless a lot of people. We live right next the zone leaders so they always stop by. So the plan is to just change the house, and organize everything and LISTO!!! We will be good. The sector is on the verge of exploding. It just needs the right person..... which is ME in this moment. After a few weeks it will begin to need someone else... and so on. So we need to take advantage and do a bunch!

Cool experience. We went to a members house to ask a reference, and he trusted us with his 10yr old son who showed up that moment. We taught him, along with his dad, and he was so receptive he almost cried. It was really powerful. I imagine that Fathers and Sons have the same type of problems growing up, so his dad testifying of how the gospel helped him was really powerful.

Thats all for now! CHAO! Love you all!

Elder Reeder

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