Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Elder Reeder - CLEAN HOUSE!

Feb 4, 2012

Hello Family!

This past week has been pretty eventful. Tell Coach Atwood hi, i was pretty excited when i got a his letter haha. That is pretty unexpected with Uncle Steve. I´ll be sure to fast for him.

I bought a new jacket...i may need new shoes... and pants... but i am going to see what i can do before i buy something. Good news about the weather.. im not missing out. That awesome that Kelli is getting involved! YEAH! I saw the magazine article of Scott and James. I am jealous... I am planning on buying an umbrella.

As far as being in the city.. it is awesome!! This place is great! Supposedly it has been a tough sector, but we are tearing it up. I have not gotten the mail. Mauricio has written for a week or 2. I think i am going to send him a letter.

Cool story. Right before we went to a lesson on Friday, we realized we had set a baptismal date for the 11 for the investigator. AKA(THE NEXT WEEK). That means he needs his interview the next day, (TODAY). We had set a goal for a baptism this next week. So we went in planning on repassing all the baptismal questions to see if he is ready for his interview.

On the 2nd question, he said he didnt believe Thomas S. Monson was a prophet. I didnt panic, we just finished all the other questions, and he was good. I was so determined to get his guy baptized, cause we had planned in weekly planing!!! So we have got to do it! So i just told him to pray with us right there on a spot, he needed to be ready for tomorrow. I showed him a photo of him and we all kneeled down, and he asked me to do the prayer on his part. I did. I felt the spirit really strong when i did. I asked how he felt after, and he told me he felt nothing. I felt prompted to tell him to do the prayer himself, and then my companion said it. UNITY!!!! Hahah the spirit... anyways, he did it. And after we stood up, i asked him. He told me he felt something and he believed. The member who was with us bore his testimony after. He told us that since the day Thomas S. Monson has been the prophet he has not accepted the change. He told us that as we prayed in that moment he felt it, and now he accepts it. AWESOME!!!!

I was just so happy we followed the spirit and we did the right things. Tears welled up in my eyes and i was just sooooooo happy!!! This sector hasnt baptized for a while now. It is really great. I am super excited. Probably one of the happiest moments of my life. I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet, i have a spiritual confirmation. I know on another level, not just trusting in my testimony of the BOM. I am super happy!!! Heavenly Father know his children too well.

So that was my good experience of the week! I had my first district meeting.... it was.. AWESOME!! Everyone left really pumped to work. The Elders in the office have a weird schedule, so it complicates things... but we are going to do it!!!


Elder Reeder

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