Monday, January 23, 2012

Elder Reeder - ¡Cambios!

January 23, 2012

Hello Family!

This week was nuts! It was the last week before cambios, turns out that the zone actually went to Torres Del Paine without us.... and I think President did not approve??? So anyways the leaders were calling us and going crazy because i guess they wanted to show President that we work hard or something... We always work hard, but we have made a few changes and this week we met the standard!!! Yeah! Not very many big changes, just some more phone calls, and streching our brains a little bit.

Cool experience. All night long I had been thinking about how i could help people understand why child baptism is wrong. I like to ask people "do you think babies have sins? No. So they dont need baptism correct?" something like that. But i was thinking about the scripture in DyC 20:71 and it says they should be capable of repenting. So i decided id start asking people "do you think babies can sin? do you think they are capable of repenting? so what do you think would happen if one sinned(saying they can) and then they suddenly died? What would happen? Is that fair?". So i got these questions ready, and i got myself really excited for the day. We went outside and first lady we saw we contacted. She said she didnt want anything, she didnt have time(i told her not to worry, i walk really fast, we can multitask) she told me she had a religion( i asked her if her religion prevents her from talking to others) and a mountain of other excuses. Anyways, we just kept walking with her, and i asked her a billion questions. In the end, she gave us her address. It really strengthed my testimony that when people understand the gospel, they accept it! Lately i have felt that everyone understands me but has a lot of pride, so there is no point telling them. But it is our job to just be better teachers. It is not their fault if they dont get it.

The news about the cambios! President Rappleye called me up, and I am going to Osorno to be District Leader. My companion is Elder Mercado, he is latin, and he just finished his training. We are going to be working in a sector called Franque i think thats what its called! hahah but i am excited but i will be able to see the office elders (Elder Himes, Elder WIlliamson) and the assistants. So it is going to be pretty fun being in a city, everything close, go play soccer with the zone, and be able to see people. I see it as a big blessing, and a big resposibility. I am REALLY excited. Looks like i am going to have to improve my social skills.

But this past week has really built my testimony. All transfer long we have just had4-5 lessons with member every week. This last week we just worked a little smarter with members and confirming appointments and we got 11. So.... we made a really big come back. My faith is really strengthed. I already know that anything is possible, but that knowledge has just been confirmed, and i just need to work more with my brain than my legs. "Heart, Might, MIND, and strength". So yes. Revelation rocks.

I love being a missionary. That was cool to read Scotts last letter. It kind of gives me chills because i know how he feels....It is hard not to think about the future because it all seems so exciting! Going home will be great, but at the same time, i dont want to. It is an interesting feeling. Go on a mission and youll know what i mean. Its the smart thing to do. I got here just trusting others (old people have like double or triple your life, their council = life lessons of their whole life. VALUABLE INFORMATION!!!!) So i highly HIGHLY recommend serving a mission. If not, share the gospel wherever you go. If you dont know how, learn. Its our duty, thus we are all entitled to revelation on how we can do it personally!

Elder Reeder

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