Monday, January 23, 2012

Elder Reeder - Believing Is Everything

Jan 16, 2012

Hello Family!

This week was really crazy. We have been finding a lot of people to teach lately, the problem is that we arent teaching a lot with members. Which is the most important thing apart from getting people to attend church to see what it is like.

Anyways, Friday night we had only 1 one lesson with member. (Normally we have like 7 or 8 by then)... so things arent looking very good. As far as finding new investigators we were doing great! So as we were calling in numbers my district leader repeated to me what he has before about working with members etc. He just told me he believed we could do, and i told him we would figure out a way to do it. So then i got thinking, i just looked at our plans for the next day, and i just started thinking "well what if this" or "what if that" and really stretching my imagination, instead of stopping every thought with doubt/logic. So i got everything planned out. The next day we made A BUNCH of phone calls to set up and confirm appointments. By the end of everything according to everything set up, we were set up for 9! In one day! I have never done that in the mission. Long story short, those 9 funneled into 3 because people werent home. But it is a lot better than 0!

What i learned from this is that the first step to any type of miracle/success is believing. Not doubting. Believe and Do. It may take you a while to figure out how you are going to do it, or the best way, but dont doubt. Have faith.

But this week has been REALLY tough. Probably has been one of the toughest ones in my mission. But we have been really diligent, and being focused on working helps me to repent. So it is good. I know Heavenly Father loves me, because when i am thinking about things i shouldnt, he takes my mind off of it by occupying it with more important/stressfull things. So it is good! I got the package! I also got the contacts! I remember DR. King. I ran into his car.... I am still sorry about it. I am going to be a driver when i get home.

I have been reading my journal lately. Well just today before writing this! Hahha but it is way funny... this one time i played ping pong with a house full of drunk men. They like motioned us into their house (we were going to teach) and lo and behold, all were drunk. So we played. I beat them all with both write hand and left. We played on their dinner table. They were all chanting "gringo! gringo!" hahaha it was one of the funniest things ever. They all gave us hugs, i think a few kissed me on the cheek. But it just helps me to be grateful for all the blessings and knowledge we have, and i also realized how we are all children of heavenly father, and he loves us unconditionally everyone no matter what we do. My journal is awesome! I encourage all to write in one no matter how hard it is to write, you wont regret it!

Elder Reeder

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