Monday, January 9, 2012

Elder Reeder - you know sometimes i spend like 5-10min. thinking about a subject that grabs your attention....

January 9, 2012

Hello Family!

My internet is really slow right now. It is a little bit ANNOYING!!! ARGHH!!!! But at least we have computers, and technology..... and e-mail.... So its ok.
Well this past week has been REALLY AWESOME! The first half was great. We had our zone conference with President, interviews etc. and I had a good interview. Afterwards was great because i felt like i had repented thus giving me SPIRTIUAL POWER!! YES! Haha all this week we have gotten so many spiritual promptings.

Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor. Many times this week we showed up to peoples houses at the exact moment they do. Then we get in and teach them. It has been awesome. 3 times this week we were walking down the road, and i just feel like knocking a house, saying a certain thing at the door, and boom we are in and teaching. All in like 10 seconds. So basically when we repent and start following the spirit, life rocks. I wonder what following the spirit is like after the mission....what is better than a new investigator?

I have been thinking lately... I know i only have one chance to be a missionary, and that motivates to do the very best possible. But i have been thinking lately. You only have onc chance to live your life. To live your dreams. You only have one yesterday, one today, and one tomorrow. There is only one. You only have one shot, one opportunity to make every day amazing. Are you who you want to be? Is your life everything you have dreamed? I have only one shot to be a missionary. I have only one shot to live life. Today, tomorrow and for eternity. If you are not living your dreams, whos life are you living? Are you satisfied with it? If your not living your dreams and it is not the best thing every, reevaulate, make the changes, and live it! You only have one chance.

We need to have more faith. We need to belive more, or DO more. I think we just need to believe. Faith without works is dead, and vice versa. Works without belief is hollow. Theyre like scissors. (ELDER DAY!!!) Or playing a game of soccer, you cant just hope to win and do nothing. And you cant just play but not expect to win/give your all. BELIEVE THAT GOD EXISTS, BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. Our religion is based on a miracle, that Jesus Christ was resurected. So why not do simpler things such as heal etc. other miracles. Either the BOM is true, or its not. If we arent experimenting them, we dont have enough faith!!! BELIEVE!!!! (Moroni 9:20)

The other day our investigators Mom flipped out because she got bugged that we passed by so often. She sort of exploded and said she doesnt want us to come back, or baptize her daughter.... We tried explaining but she sort of threw a fit and didnt listen to anything we said. What i learned from this; one, if she would have told us earlier how she felt, we would have eased up. So let people know how you feel. Teapots explode. Two, we are adults, we should not just angry and frusturated and not listen to anything. That just doesnt make sense.

Hope thats a good experience!!! Hahaha it sure was fun. I just said "Well at least we have a clear answer. Now we can go find someone else." Because i have been getting bad vibes for a while. We are free haha!!

Elder Reeder

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