Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#1: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OK before I say anything I need to tell you guys to get my friends addresses for me. I only have Scott and Kenna's right now... So ya. Or let them know that they can write me on Those are actually really nice and cool cause they come at lunch time EVERYDAY. So if you ever feel like just dropping a line don't be afraid to write like a sentence or two or like a cool quote. Cause it seems like everyone else in my district gets tons where as I have only got a few from my family THaNK you. Maybe like copy and paste the url of the page where it is actually about to write to me? So like you click it and it takes you directly to the page. Then post that on my facebook status or something...
So far has been awesome! Holy crap mehn! haha I have so many stories I could tell you already. But first I'll tell you guys about my district. So my companion is Elder Himes. He is from Brigham City, went to Box Elder, know some of the laxers over there like Derek and Kevin. He is awesome! He is a great example of quiet dignity and we don't have any problems with each other. The two others in the room are Elder Fonda and Elder Williamson. Elder Williamson is from Johannesburg, South Africa. He is white though. But he is hilarious. He has the most rediculous accent we all copy and make fun of. Elder Fonda went to Bingham High School and is a baller at soccer. Thats our roomies. Then you got the other 4 in the district Elder Nelson, Elder Turner, Elder Rex, and Elder Woodsfield. Elder Nelson played NCAA Baseball at Santa Clara and is BIG but he is way cool. Elder Turner is from Georgia. Elder Rex is from Santa Barbara California. Elder Woodsfield is from i forget but his Mom is in MoTab and he says she is incredible at singing. So ya pretty cool!
So thats everybody. I guess I'll just tell you cool things that have happened recently! I sleep in the top bunk....and last night I woke up at one or something in the morning and fell off the bed on to my back/head!! It hurt really bad and I'm not sure what happened but I laid there for a couple of minutes in pain with my blankets all over then i climbed back in bed (its pretty high up). It sort of felt like a dream but i have a big lump on my head to prove it. I remember facing the wall then just sliding off the side backwards... Anyways yeah that was crazy.
As far as food goes I have just been eating one thing at a time. I have been eating salad pretty frequently to stay healthy. But just recently i have been eating more food. i noticed myself getting a tiny bigger. don't freak out just a tiny. i freaked out and i've started working out a lot now. haha. i do dips in the shower cause there is this bar, i do crunches and ab/leg lift things while holding on a chair in my room, and i do perfect pushups things elder himes has. so ya. the results are muy bueno so far. i drink chocolate milk 2 glasses 3 times a day at our meals and it rebuild my body muy rapido so i'm getting RIPPED!!!!! haha i'm exaggerating but just staying in shape. or getting in shape... or whatever...
SPiritual EXPERIENCES!! WOW!! i have like a billion a day. but seriously it is crazy. a lot of elders in our district, the other room, are disobedient and just kind of bum around sometimes or are irreverent or flirt with sisters. but elder himes and I and our room get things done.
I have realized so much since i have been here. i have a spiritual journal thing i write in for advice experiences, epiphanys, revelations. you know?! And i have realized i feel like i have a huge responsibility on my shoulders. i need to share the gospel with others EFFECTIVELY!!! I have to be able to understand how people are feeling. The confusion, the excitement, all of their emotions and be able to teach accordingly. The ONLY WAY i can be effective is through the power of the spirit. only the spirit can tell me what they need to hear. i have to make sure i am prepared worthy and ready to shared my knowledge through the spirit. i have to be an instrument in the lords hands.
god is your father. just like a parent he has made sacrifices for you and gives you things. demonstrate YouR LOVE for him by your daily living. be obedient, keep the commandments. he loves you. he listens to and answers your prayers. i KNOW and TESTIFIY that the lord will answer your prayers. just ask! he is listening. i have had so many blessings and have had so many prayers answered. ether 12:33-34. the lord sent his son FOR YOU. so YOU could come back and live with him.
i've learned for myself that we have been so blessed to have a knowledge of this gospel. ask yourself. how has the restored gospel blessed my life? just think about it. i would be so lost. no direction in life. thinking, wondering for answers... who am i? where am i from? why am i here? because of the gospel i know all of these answers.
THAT IS WHy we MUST SHARE IT WITH OTHERS!!!!!! people NEED TO KNOw!!!!!! PLEASE TELL EVERYone!!!!!!!!! TELl eVEryone!!! I'm stuck in the mtc. you guys are out in the world. share the gospel! spread the happiness!!!!!!!!
yo se que la iglesia es verdadero!! yo se que dios contesta nuestras oraciones. yo se que joseph smith vio el padre celestioal y jesus christ. es verdadero!!!!!!! en el nombre de jesu cristo amen.
Thanks everyone for praying i really appreciate. Thanks for the advice Erin and Matthew. Shauna I AM FREAKING OUT ABOUT WHAT YOU TOLD ME!!!! YOU HAVE KNOW IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM! I HAVE BEEN ON CLOUD NINE FOR LIKE THE WHOLE WEEK!!!!!! Kelli that picture thing is really cool. Thanks everyone for writing and stuff it makes my day better.
LOVE you GUYS!!!!!!!!
Elder Reeder

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