Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 08:14:18 -0600
Subject: Esta Bien!!!!
From: colin.reeder@myldsmail.net

OK so before i tell you anything you have to hear the funniest story about the kids in my district. Hahaha we are all so awkward around sisters now (since we're missionaries)
I have 2 hilarious stories to tell you guys. So we were in our room and Elder Williamson rolls up the blinds and is like " oh hey there are some cute sisters sitting outside our room" so i go over and i'm like "oh yeah they're pretty cute" and then Elder Fonda goes over and hes like they are pretty cute as he is reaching for the blinds and looking at them. Then suddenly the sister looks straight at him and he totally lets go of the string thingy and acts like he wasn't looking. HAHAHAH!!! so we're all laughing at the other side while he tries to walk casually over to us. but we run over to look out and THE SISTERS LEFT!!! IN LIKE 4 seconds!!!!! hahaha he probably looked like such a creep peeking out the windows. so funny. we checked to see if you could see inside from the outside and you can its kind of dark though and looks creepy. now we just laugh at him everytime those sisters walk by and he puts his head down.
next story. elder turner is hilarious. so i guess he was in the computer lab doing language study and 4 sisters came in and started writing emails. well i guess elder turner started reading it. and he got so into that when the timer hit 5:00 and it started to get all red and bold he said. "its crunch time." really loud. hahahaha and then she turned around and gave this horrible face. can you imagine writing your emails and then someone saying that behind you???!!! hahahha. like his mouth is partially open and hes all into it. sooooo funny.
anyways those are the hilarious stories. they're both equally funny.
as far as news go. a whole lot hasn't happened i guess. the schedule is the same everyweek from here on out. but i guess the same day i wrote last week we went to the temple. me and my comp did sealings cause i wanted to ( i haven't done them before.) IT WAS SOOOOO COOL. I LOVED IT. the second i got in the hallway and saw the room and heard the words the spirit got soooo strong and just started telling me things. it was so amazing. i am so happy now.
the other day we had our first trc. which is like talking to fake investigators. me and my comp did really good. we had to contact 3 investigators in spanish which actually went pretty well. then teach one. when we taught it was way good. i was just so excited to share the gospel and i guess it showed cause the guy seemed pretty interested. but i talked about the atonement at one point and how the savior feels everything like our loneliness and for some reason i touched on that a lot. or said he felt our loneliness like 5 times. and he said thats amazing that i said that cause he lost a lot of friends a while ago so he could be better and has felt really lonely. SO THE SPIRIT TOTALLY TOLD ME WHAT TO SAY.
on wednesday we're doing a whole lesson in spanish cause our district is really crazy and is really pushing everything. like everyone else doesn't start teaching in spanish until the 5th week or 6th. its only our 2nd and we are doing the whole thing in spanish. ya i'm stressing out. but i'm praying and stuff so it will all be goood. i will be blessed according to my faith. yesterday we did this game called "the native" where you speak in all spanish all day. only spanish. it was pretty crazy. i felt so boxed up with my words. it was frusturating... but it showed that i really need to learn spanish so i can say everything i want to when i need to.
elder holland came our first devotional last wednesday. me and my comp showed up an hour and a half early but still didn't get seats cause the crowd was crazy when they finally let everyone in. so we had no seats. some elders sat in the interpreters seats but we were obedient and didn't. then when it came for everyone to leave to the overflow the president said you elders come sit in the front we have some seats saved. BLESSINGS!!!! so we got to sit in the front. everyone was giving us high fives as we walked over there. the devotional it was SWEET. we all sang "to bring the world his truth" AND IT WAS AMAZING. that is my favorite song. or one of them. it was SO POWERFUL. then right after i finished and i felt like bawling elder holland walked in and everybody stood up and i was freaking out. he gave an amazing stock that was about having no regrets and using every moment to study and be your best. it was way good. he got way into it haha.
so that was really cool.
i've been meaning to do choir but it doesn't start until the second week of september!!! ugh!!! cause the building isn't finished yet. ya. so everything is goind pretty good.
i had an awesome experience studying on faith. i read all of the faith scriptures in the bible dictionary and the christ like section of PMG. and i had an amazing experience. you guys should try it it was so cool. the prophets did everything by faith. all the miracles were becasue of faith.
i also learned about accountability and stuff. we must always be good examples and beacons of hope to those who are always watching us. we are representatives of christ. everything we do, people are watching. people will be watching to see how happy we are. stuff like that. "let your light so shine" and be worthy at all times and a representative in all places. you never who you will influence by how you act.
real quick. family if you are struggling with anything read the book of mormon. if you don't know if its true or if the church is true read it. read the promise in moroni 10:4-5. then read it. then pray about it. it will change your life and give you a stronger testimony. it holds all of the answers to life. whenever i have a bad day i read it and i feel good.
i'm not sure if my letters are working so tell me. i'm sending a test one. mom you should organize a writing party. share the gospel!!!!!!!

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