Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day One

Hey everyone! This is Erin (Colin's older, funny sister). I think that I'm the designated blogger for Elder Reeder while he's serving his mission. Ideally, his photos are going to be posted here and on Flickr and his Facebook profile.... we'll see. Maybe Kelli and I will tag-team it.

We're excited for him to be gone, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. He really was so happy to be there that is was difficult to be sad to see him go.

Here's a quick re-cap of the events leading up to the MTC this afternoon:

Last night, the family and a few of Colin's awesome friends (Elena, Steph, Scott, Seth, and James - love you guys) got together as Colin was set apart as a missionary. It was so exciting - he looked so much... taller afterward. He said that he finally felt at peace. We all headed over to a local Chilean restaurant, Yah Poh! and ate wayyy too much food. Empanadas, sopapillas, monster sandwiches (complete with fries and egg), and rice. We were all so full afterward, but it was awesome. Mom and Dad asked us each to give him a piece of advice for his mission - many of which included obedience and teaching by the Spirit, it was a really great conversation for our family. We all went home and Elder Reeder and Mom packed everything up.

This morning the family piled into the Yukon - first time all 7 of us traveled for more than an hour in that car, it's tight! - and drove down to the MTC in Provo. The goodbyes were short and sweet. Colin was smiling the entire time - sooo excited, so ready. I'm really excited for him. Here are some pictures from the day.

You can write to Elder Reeder via while he's in the MTC and they'll deliver him your letter each day.

Anyway, we love him! We'll keep you updated!

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