Sunday, January 1, 2012

Elder Reeder - ¡¡TIERRA DEL FUEGO!!


Hello Family!!!

This week has been awesome. It seemed that everything in our plans impolded, like every day, and everything collapsed in on top of his but we just kept of working and working and working..... and we had a good week! It gets to the point where I just get sick of it all, and just want to work. Like my companion was like " Elder lets go around so we dont have to go up this hill" My response was like Elder lets just do it come on! Hahahaha... Patience and diligence pays off.

Before I forget anything.... For Christmas. I have been thinking... i plan on getting some leather scripture cases here, a mini pmg, maybe an ipod case, my watch broke playing soccer so i need a new one(do i buy a cheap one and get a nice one when im back? or do you pick one out for me and hopefully i like it...??), I want the book "Lectures on FAITH" SEND IT TO ME PLEASE!! looks really interesting, i am think about maybe new glasses frames.... i dont know how i would go about doing that..... or better yet lasik after the mission??? Or free college? EH?? EHH??, i would actually like to send a bunch of things home in a package but that would be expensive.... things i dont need that mean things to me that i dont want to throw away. More music is always good. I will keep on thinking.... Dad you should send me a lot of cool deep doctrine things... i have learned alot.. but i want to learn more. The gospel is soooo cool. This isnt all??!! I wrote things down but i cant remember ugh!! Send me OREOS! and Mac and Cheese! KRAFT

Well my companion is Elder Rainey! He is from Idaho, the south part by mexicoish. He has a cambio more than me in the mission. It is pretty sweet being someone who knows what they are doing again. We get things done really fast. We can teach by the spirit. Its awesome. The closest missionaries are 3 1/2 hours away by boathouse. You have to cross the magelan strait and sometimes it can be really rough with the wind. We are on an island "tierra del fuego" half of it is connected with argentina. We dont go to meetings, the barcasa only does one trip leaves punta arenas and comes back every day. Things can be complicated if we need to take out money/travel..... So we are basically in the middle of nowhere.... But everyone wants to come here. So i feel pretty cool haha! Its warm and windy. Good combo, were next to the port its way cool. EVERYONE WORKS in this fish factory its nuts. THey all have like the same shift until 6 they work. So until then there really arent a lot of people. One investigator we have speaks english is chinese and is like the boss. Pretty sick. I want to make sushi but i need a recipe,... i have no idea how. OK i do but not completely. The laguage is the same.

So that would be it. Something interesting i learned..... Desire--->Think--->Talk--->Do----> Become. Virtue=Deepest Desires, what you do when noone is around. Your desires are manifested through your thoughts, conversations, actions, and what you become. We will ALL truly be given according to our desires, whether you think they are one thing or another.... :) Think about it.

Dad i think the number one thing that got me to serve a mission was realizing everything i had that others dont. Imagining people in the world who dont know the gospel. Having experience the miracle of repentance, the tender mercies of the lord for myself, then comparing that with others really motivated me to go. Also for the savior. His atonement was for nothing if nobody is baptized. He suffered for all of their sins, but it was for nothing..... It requires faith, but i was actually excited to leave... but it is not always the same.... Be positive, but help them understand.


Elder Reeder

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