Sunday, January 1, 2012

Elder Reeder - Esta en Porvenir!


Hello Family!

In case you dont know I am here in Porvenir in Punta Arenas. The same sector Elder Day was just in with Elder Rainey. I am with Elder Rainey! It is pretty nuts hahahaha! It is the farthest south zone/sector in the world, so I feel pretty cool. Getting here was nuts. We had to leave Valdivia at 6 to get to Pto. Montt at 9 to take a plane in the morning. ALL of the buses were full. I tried to get on one with out a reserved seat, but we got owned by the driver. All the buses to Osorno (half way) were full also, but out of nowhere this guy asked if I needed to go to Osorno and i said ya. So he took me on his bus. I had to travel alone. Kind of freaky. Well the bus took 2 1/2 hours mas o menos, and I sat next to a big lady with a screaming/crying toddler girl. It was compelety full, people standing in the aisle and everything. Really hot. I opened my window but the guy in front of me got bugged, so i shut it. Really hot, long ride. I arrived in Osorno at 930 around there. The assistants were waiting for me luckily, i didnt have a phone, the plan was if you can in osorno, take another bus to pto. montt from there, but basically no phone, no connection, the plan was to use a pay phone and call when i got there. Hahaha I was super glad. I spent the night with the Assitants, elder himes, and elder williamson (the office elders). Their house is super nice hahahah wow! But yeah then I went with the mission couple to pick up a bunch of NEW elders and an Hermana. They dropped us off at the airport and i pretty much supervised everything so we got to punta arenas. The plane ride was sweet, the patagonia mountains are SOOOOO COOOLLL!!!! We got to punta arenas. Everything is really dry. Not so green. There are a lot of wholes in places and constructions sites, and destroyed things. It is like the end of the world. I saw Elder Day in the airport it was sweet! He was leaving. But yeah all kind of overwhelming but i got there, said a prayer ( kind of weired out from the boat ride and everything) but i am here! I feel weird with glasses, so hopefully my contacts come!!!

Ive met Ricardo. He is awesome. TELL SCOTT I WROTE HIM!!! But ill send him another. But i had no idea where he lived in Washington. But he should send me a big package with all that bank he made hahaha. Tell him hi. Things are going to take longer to get here yes... .and they havent come. As for christmas.....I dont know.... there are super cheap things here in Punta Arenas,,, so maybe ill look around. So maybe just money?? I am worried about buying too many things here, because there is a tarif tax if you bring too many stuff from here. But i dont know how they would know if come with something, and leave with the same thing, but better.... I want to get leather scripture cases, a mini PMG, and i dont know..... I havent seen penguins yet, it is really nice combo with warm weather and crazy wind. I FEEL POWERFUL RAAHHH!!!! Hahahaha. I think we are just cocos. Normal. I havent been told hahah but it doesnt matter.

Lately my studies have been nuts. Haha i am learning just so much everyday thinking like an investigator with a lot of doubts.... today i studied this big talk on intelligences and why their has to be an atonement. i had thought about this before, but there was a talk that totally confirms it! pretty nuts. I am grateful for the opportunity to study and receive revelation for others. You learn A LOT!!! It is amazing.

Ok Dad for your message, it will be short cause my comp is waiting on me!!!

What will happen if you go on a mission? What will you get? Why should you do it? Well.... there are a billion reason. An infinite ammount. I have a testimony of the gospel. I thought i did before, now i realize i knew nothing. I know the gospel is true. I have seen sooooo many miracles and things. The lives of other people, a literal live witness of what happens if they live the commandments and if they dont. 2. I am smart. I am a smarter, better, nicer person. I am learning how to become like our savior. I have learned I am a son of Heavenly Father. I know that he loves me. I know if I love him, i will do everything he asks me, and that he is 10000x smarter than i am so will do it. He has made me far more a man than i could every be without him. Serving a mission is a commandment. It ends there. More reasons.... it was the whole life of Jesus, it was the whole life of the apostoles, of every apostol. HOW ELSE CAN WE BECOME LIKE HIM IF WE DONT DO WHAT HE DID??? 2 Nefi 31 11-14. 3 Nefi 27:21. If there is no mission work, the atonement is worth Nothing. How do you feel about that??? (Have them make a big list of all the blessings they have...... write them on the board, then have them think of the very worst moment of their life. Now have them imagine they didnt have the gospel. How would you feel in that moment without that knowledge???? There are people who feel like that every day of their lives.... they are miserable. Put yourself in their shoes. THEY NEED THIS!!!! IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU WANT, IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU GET, YOU GET SALVATION, BUT IT DOESNT MATTER. That is selfish. You are spoiled, why do YOU deserve all this, and not them???? He who finds his life shall lose it, he who loses it for me will find it. I promise this is true. It is unexpainable to say what my mission means to me.... but before i had no idea what was going on in life... i thought i did. But i just get it now. JUST DOOO IT. Dont be selfish, show you love the savior, you are in debt. YOu shouldnt be thinking about what you can get, but what you can give. WAKE UP!!!!

You may want to edit that so it sound a little nicer. But I know the gospel is true. Teach them what they need to know.

Elder Reeder!!!

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