Sunday, January 1, 2012

Elder Reeder - Needs to get a life


Hello Family!

Hey Mom tell Scott and James i totally want in on the club! Haha that is awesome they started one. That'll be real exciting.

I havent gotten my contacts yet. The thing is that we will get our packages and stuff (if they are there) when we go in to Punta Arenas. So in like 2 or 3 weeks more. More contacts would not be a bad thing!

Crazy story, I was walking in the street the other day and I said "dang i am sick of wearing glasses i want my contacts" and the next step I took, my lense fell out of my glasses along with the screw... I lost the screw. So all that day i walked without my glasses and not seeing anything. But luckily i just tied a not with string in the hole so now i got glasses again. It is a little ghetto hahaa.

That is cool to hear the news about everybody! Super crazy! Dad I got your last email that is all pretty interesting about where I am at! We definitely need to depend on the spirit, not experience.

Well i feel like i dont have a whole lot to talk about. Lately we are teaching a lot, and finding a bunch of new people. What we really need are people with baptismal dates and people going to church. So that is where we are going to try and focus.

Mom and Dad! So i know that you need to get registered sometime soon? Correct? Well i guess i need to start think about a major.... blegh.... but it would be cool if you sent me like a list of job descriptions and careers and the majors that go along with it. My companion has got permission from president to start looking at classes etc... he has a cambio more than me and is already doing all this. So i figured maybe i should be.... You probably shouldnt show others this but in my patriarchal blessings it says "acquistion of knowledge, science, social interaction, language and culture...." something that will "expand my natural talents and abilities and interests through opportunities in the future to continue your education.".... it also says "you will help change the life environments of people by helping them to overcome burdens and difficulties in their lives." so like serving my fellowmen. It says i will "express myself in music and art, in written and in spoken word in t such a way to draw others closer to Heavenly Father and to the beautiful and wondrous creations at his hand".

So a career where i can be social, creative, incorporate my personality the things i like into, and i dont know what else. Language and culture. It basically says i will have a postitive influence on people of many lands, so i figure i will travel?? I am not really sure. But if you could look into some careers like a list.... I am thinking something like either Business, Public Relations, Sociology, Psychology, Advertising, Someone who talks to people about their problems, a news man, i dont know. I thought about being a news guy. That would be sweet. I could just show people the truth and what is really going on in the world. Investigate things and make it know. Travel. I am just thinking.... i need some ideas. Something i where i can expand my talents and interests!! Something i will enjoy that will be a good career where i can incorporate my energy and creativity!

So that is that. I really need help. Send me a whole bunch of documents so i think this through and get it out my head please!

Things are going good here! We are working really hard to get a baptism! I love you all!

Elder Reeder

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