Sunday, January 1, 2012

Elder Reeder - Choose To Be Happy


Hello Family!

So i was laying in bed last night looking through all the photos on my iPod (im a creeper :p) and haha wow it made me so happy. I have been reading my journal a lot lately. I have had some great spiritual experiences reading it. It helps me remembers things... and have more faith. But i have so grateful for all the things i have been able to do in my life, and all the people i have been able to meet. I love it. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Hahaha... ahh man. Just so many funny things. It is crazy how well i can remember things just from reading.... So write a journal! Also mom i think i left one at home in a notebook thing please dont throw it away!

Good news! As far as chirstmas we are going to be using skype this year! With video and everything!!! We havent established when... but i imagine around christmas time. We could even have a big video conference!! That would be nuts! My packages and stuff are waiting in punta arenas. Im gonna go get it next week. And mom you should just email President Rappleye and let him know. I think i get out the 18th or the 19th. Im sure they wont mind either way... Hahahah ELDER DAY IS GOING TO DYE!!!!! Oh man that is crazy. I keep seeing him everywhere. Haha.

I dont mind being isolated. I am getting along with my companion just fine. Sometimes i feel like i need to be the batteries in the companionship, and make sure we are doing things effectively. We just have to be humble and do things how they are. Keep a good attitude. Pride is not a problem if you know how to control it and where it comes from. In Ether 12:27. God does not give us weakness so we get prideful and condemn ourselves. Rather so we are humble and learn, and improve. Pride comes from feeling inferior, from self insecurity. When someone gives us advice you tend to feel inferior than that person, you then try to exalt yourself and tear the other person down. Thus covering up your sins, exalting yourself, and failing to learn/repent. The first step of repentance is RECOGNIZE. Pride is controlable, but not for everyone. We have greater light so we should know how to control it, but if another person doesnt know how we should be ready to share "the word of truth by the spirit of truth" (Dyc 50) because "if it doesnt edify it is darkness and it is not of god". EVEN IF IT IS THE TRUTH IF YOU SHARE IT WRONG IT IS NOT OF GOD!!!!! Constructive criticism can instantly become Destructive criticism. Things i am learning studying....

Also other things i have been thinking about.

Stress enough to get things done and to know what you need to do. But anymore is not necessary.

Begin happy is a choice, a personal decision. Just like begin offended.

Dont overcomplicate things. Keep it simple, do what you need to do, and enjoy life and have fun!!

Dont get desensitized to loving, enjoying, and being happy! Be crazy! Be Real! You are a person! Do all the smart things but fun! The gospel does not turn us into robots, but quite the opposite. People who know how to have fun adn be happy, but in a really healthy righteous without drugs kind of way!

Dont be embarrased for loving anyone. Thats is the gospel! Live it!

Put yourself out of your comfort zone and you wont miss out on anything. Do it full heartedly and have fun!

Soooo.... do what is right and CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!!! Enjoy life! That is why we exist! The next questions (How to have fun and not be disrespectful :p......???)

Elder Reeder

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