Monday, November 1, 2010

Stay on your side!

HOla familia and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! Como estan!! hahaha. Ok iv been pretty stressed with the work load and everything this week and reading your letters really just took all of it away. thats so nice right??? hahaha

ok where to begin holy cow. haha kenna i got jeremýs addressaid is it exactly right hahaha you are already a genius with missionary work already. is great what you did. but it will still probably be really hard but keep doing it. and holy cow shauna it is pretty crazy you are marrying seth finally!!!! nuts!! send me a picture of carboard version of me. please!!! i sent matthew a letter and scott too!!! erin im sorry about the howl not going good dont be stressed about it. just have fun and dont stress about it.

i will try my wer all of your questions but i will reference you to 1 nephi 6:2 through 6. i will try to answer your questions but i mostly just want to share spiritual things hahahaha!!! ok but your questions i cant remember cause theyr not in front of me. so ok we are doing the best in the zone right now. or the district. i dont know. but our goal is for 30 a week with lessons, 10 new invest a week, 5 new dates for baptism a week, and a bunch of other numbers that dont really matter. but the people are so awesome!!! hahaha i have so many stories!!!! but we got like 24 this week with terrible planning. i broke it down what we need to do every day so we can focus on what we need to do. because the numbers help guide you what to do in your day and when have all of 1 thing done then you focus on the next. so i broke it down such simpler and much easier to meet our goals. im excited for next week hahahaha.

ok funny story. our branch president. president payan is just soooooo funny. like he is totally normal, but i think he is hilarious. he has to ave us walk him home every night he comes with us to teach and it is way far away. but he walks in the middle of us like we are his soldiers or bodyguards. but ya funny story in sacrament, hahaha oh my heck. so i play the piano for church now haha but he talked forever in his talk like he went over a lot. crazy. and near the end he told to play i believe in christ WHILE he was talking. hahaha oh my heck it was hilarious he was totally serious it was like a sermon and i was playing the piano and he was talking really loud cause we have no microphone. i dont think its allowed but hahaha oh my heck. people here are so funny.

ok now something really cool. oh im reading the bom again cause it rocks. i was sitting downstairs against the wall playing with my oil. some got on my hands and i was thinking why olive oil. then boom it hit me revelation!! hahaha but seriously this was sooooooo cool. ok so think about this. why we us olive oil to heal the sick and give blessings. it is very symbolic. very very. olive trees grow in the garden of getsemane right? and from what the picture shows christ prays on the tree... i dont know how to explain that. but its very closely related to the atonement. because how you make olive oil is you have to squeeze them really hard with a ton of pressure. a ton. and that is symbolic of christ the pressure heook that made him bleed from every pore. i dont even know how to put this into words... wow. hink about it. but that is why there are so many miracles that come from lessings. because of the power of the atonement and how closely related the symbolism of olive oil is to the atonement. annointing is used for so many things because christs atonement is the center of everything. ya i want you all to think about that. was really cool for me.

also. i miss american food. be soo grateful for everything you have. the people here are very humble. i miss american food, a nice hot shower, the food here tastes really different. its crazy. i haent had anything i am crazy about. but i love it. i will send some pictures you will see. its nuts. but be grateful for everything. i looked through pictures of our house and i was blown away by how nice it is in comparison to here.

so count your blessings. so many cool things are happening. be grateful for your knowlege of this gospel. tty for church. but they really believe that because thats all they have. trhats where i come in. i miss so much but i need to be here. i want motab cds!!!!! please!!!!!! i have nothing!!!! music wise!!! i want to get a chilean soccer jerase is it ok hahaha please. i miss american food. haha. i gotta go but hopefully i have more time later today. we were late i cause i had to wait for elder urias. i thought i was slow. but now i am either the fastest missionary aliv he is just real slow. i dont know. i et frusturated haha but its good.

ok chao chao everyone!!

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