Monday, November 8, 2010

• Branch Pres, Piano Teacher, Missionary Work..... wow i am stressed X)‏
Mon 11/08/10 12:28 PM

random thought. everyone here thinks i look like clark kent. its really weird. like they say clark and point at me hahahaha. i think its funny cause its my middle name. i guess i look like superman how i walk or something. hahaha ya random.

SEND MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok i want music!!! i want it sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOTAB, CUMORAHSHILL, halo song on the piano on youtube, any song i like that is only the piano, disney songs are all allowed, anythign you think i would like send it!!!!!!!!!! i just want to listen to a ton of great music!!! wow i love music!!! sheet music anything!!! crono trigger music!!! soundtracks from movies you like just i want it!!!!!!!!! i probably sound crazy right now haha but i do.!

ok mom first seriously the sd card broke??? i am really sad about that... there are a lot of good photos on there :(. and i just sent one in a letter to matthew so i hope its not broken because it has a lot of good photos on it also..... ugh... i am stressed about that now. but good job kelli! that is awesome you probably got one of those cool necklaces too right? ya a girl here in the little fresia chapel got hers it was sweet hahaha it is always good to see the youth in the church growing. good job kelli!! i wish i wouldv gotten more into church stuff like that when i was younger haha but they are coming out with cool new strength for youth stuff its awesome!!!

oh and as far as photos they should be all on facebook just look around i guess mom!!

ok so this past week has been CRAZY. where to begin.....ok so you know elder urias right my comp?? well he just got transferred an emergency transfer. its nuts!!!! like i dont know how to explain all of this. but its because the branch president of the branch is leaving and a different elder galovic came to replace elder urias to take that spot! soooo crazy!! so now he is the branch president a member hermano luis is the 1st counselor and i am 2nd counselor. i guess we dont need to be set apart cause we are missionaries and we have keys for our area maybe already?? im not sure... but it is really stressful what we have to do now. i have no idea how to organize it. like there is a TON of stuff we have to do now. i have to do all of the tithing stuff, and organize activities, and strengthen the church and youth, and be an example, and be a leader, and allllllll of these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like the branch pres was explaining to us all the things what to do and i just got a big headache. in spanish of course..... and wow it is nuts. this will be a big growing experience for me and very stressful.. holy cow.

so ya so the next day after this these two higher up senior missionaries came to our ward, and i guess the lady is like the music coordinator person and she makes sure everyone is doing music good. well she is getting us a new piano!!!!!!!!!! and we get the old one in our room!!!!!!! wooo hoo!!!!!!!!! but she told me i have to be the music teacher of everyone in the ward and teach how to learn music and lead and sing because i can play the piano and i have a lot of experience. i guess i have to teach people how to play the piano too.


so ya. yes i am very stressed out. i really have to plan things to a T so things get done around here with everything. its nuts. holy cow. so ya.

any suggestions hahaha ya. i dont know. im going crazy. i feel like people expect so much of me but iv only been here for like a month maybe like everyone just assumes cause i can speak ok i can understand and converse and do all of these things but its really hard. like the book i have to study to be 2nd counselor is all in spanish :(.... by the time i finish reading it i may have to leave for a new area. well but i guess this is all very good for my growth spiritually mentally and becoming more mature. but wow for how long iv been here i am a little stressed. but that is what praying is for right?? hahaha i can help from above. that is the only way any of this will be possible.

ok i will try to answer all of the questions. umm so i am in fresia right now. its a really small town hahaha. to give you idea there is a lot of barbwire haha around our church too and a ton of dogs it is all dirt roads for the most part and everything is real small. supposedly it has had a rep for being a bad area or something but we are doing really well with it!!! my comps elder urias first was crazy!!! i almost died with him hahaha it was fun. really really stressful because he was like a kid sort of. i had to fall back on all of my mtc training thank you teachers!!! hahaha but i am grateful for the experience because i am really independent and have figured out what i need to do so i have a good understanding for myself not just a trainer telling me everything cause he didn´t tell me much hahaha.

elder galovic now is great. very quiet. very not crazy. knows what we need to do. its nice. i appreciate him very much. i appreciate elder himes a lot more now too.

oh real quick. i accidently threw away elder urias´'s retainer. i was cleaning things because its messy. my stuff is clean. but ya lots of stuff laying around and im cleaning and im pretty sure i threw it in the toilet and flushed it because apparently it was rapped in toilet paper. there were a lot of those laying around from blown noses. so ya he may expect me to pay for part of it or even all of it which is pretty expensive. im sorry if he does but he was pretty bitter about it. it was a complete accident. i just went on a crazy cleaning spree and i was like CLEAN!!!! so ya thats that.

i love fresia. people talk bad about it sometimes but i LOVE IT. i have a good relationship with the members and investigators its really humbling my spanish grammar is bad and they help me. hahaha. we live farthest out from everyone. its just us 2. alone. an hour to all of our meetings. i guess we are going to some big televised conference leadership meeting of the church. i think there may be a apostle speaking maybe!!!

but i started the bom again. i am reading Jesus the Christ. thank you matthew!! its really good! the words are sort of rediculous but its good i like it! im also reading the new testament cause iv never read that.

i realized the other day that its not just investigators to convert here but to BUILD the church!!! i want to have everyone active and force them to get a new building!!!! these member deserve it!!!! hahaha

today we went to this really cool place with waterfalls for pday. usually there is an activity but when there isnt we just clean study get things done. i havent bought a shirt yet and the package hasnt come yet but i will today.

thats sad about bishop bennion i will definitely write him when i get some time :). there is so much time in the day but i feel like i have none because i plan everything out. like holy cow time flies. i have no idea how to explain it. but i love being here. best choice of my life. i hope anyone thinking about going just goes on a mission.... scott, james!!! do it!!! i feel so much closer to everything. its incredible. never in my life will i have this opportunity to be this close to my heavenly father and the savior. i see it everyday. i study it everyday. i live it everyday. i love it everyday. it is building me and shaping be. i am changing so much to adjust and it hurts. like an analogy the lord is molding be and sanding me to make me smooth and perfect. it hurts, its hard, but i know its for my good and it will work out in the end. i stress alot about not talking and teaching enough people. today was good for me to see the beauty of the world and imagine the savior creating all of this beauty.

i dont know. its great.i love it here. i love seeing everyone from my district every once in a while. i hope i get that package soon!!! and i expect everyone to write me back i sent a letter too even though it will probably take a while to get there....... like 2 or 3 weeks i think... but ya!!! i love you all!!! this church is true and joseph smith was a prophet!!!! the commandments are for your happiness live them be anxiously engaged in a good cause..... and SHARE THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!

cha-i-to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y con amor!!!!!!!!!!


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