Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Elder Reeder - PROGRESSION

February 18, 2012

Hello Family!

Sorry, I was thinking about snowboarding. I just remembered all of the cool words i used to say... I forgive you for forgetting about the pday change.

Anyways this past week has been GREEEAAAATTT!!!!! Yesterday I had an interview with President, we talked about the district and some ideas to help us to seguir mejorando!! My companion and I are amazing investigators with our unity. We get along really good now. I have realized that just being an example, and just a few suggestions is better than being so worried about his progression. Just teaching with me he picks up good habits. So i am just being his friend and when something terrible happens then i give him a few suggestions. But things have been awesome!!!!! I have noticed that i tend to get along better with people are not my companions. I have been thinking and i also notice that i always get along with my friends more than my family. My fear is that that will happen again when i get home. SO I AM CHANGING THAT. I want to be best friends with you guys when i get home, so things are going to change. I am you are all reading, praying etc... ;)

I really like being district leader. The skills i am learning are really helpful. I find that i am just becoming more loving, understanding, patient, and a bunch of other things. I am learning the happy balance between justice and mercy, and unconditional love, and saying things in a way so they are edifying. I have a little black book i have written in keys to my personality. Key thoughts and quotes i have come up with that help me. I have actually shared a few with you guys. Things are going great!

I realize i have only 6 months left... But six months is a good chunk of time to get a lot done right?! That is a full 1/4 of my mission. So i am not too concernced...I got the valentines package, and i handed some out to my companion and the zls but not the district because i dont want them to be focused! Haha. Why is addy getting home in July? He is going early? Whoah hey oh Colbie Caillet just came on the radio. Bubbly. Uh oh!

Mom, i got a deal. Two pants for 10mil or 20 bucksish. Good deal! I am looking for an umbrella. I dont want to spend all of your money so dont worry... as far as school i am going to print out this list and look at it. It gives me a headache. I feel like my mind is not too interested in that. As far as the english class put me in it.

I think that is all?? What is the difference between life science and physical science??? Physical science sounds cool.... Rocks or something?? Who knows...
Elder Reeder

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